Marble Ranch

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We are a vertically integrated Fullblood Wagyu operation covering all your needs of elite Wagyu genetics.
We are based in a beautiful 327 acre ranch located in Iola, TX just 25 minutes East of College Station.
In a joint venture with OvaGenix, we offer state of the art reproductive clinic services, including:  in vitro fertilization, cloning, embryo transfer and artificial insemination.
We will be able to offer you a vast array of reproductive services as well as fine Wagyu beef and elite Wagyu genetics.
Our products include:

  • Fullblood Wagyu embryos (for the US market and exportable to the European Union, Latin America and other countries)
  • Fullblood Wagyu heifers and pregnancies
  • 100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef

We are looking forward to serving you in all your Wagyu needs.
All inquiries are welcome.
Please contact our ranch manager Kyle Jurney at or (979) 450-3842 for inquiries about Wagyu genetics.
Please contact our beef sales manager Andy Pendergrass at or (713) 898-0084 for inquiries about Wagyu beef sales.

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